“Wonderful Teacher”

"To say that Linda is a wonderful teacher, is not enough.  Linda helps fill the gaps and bridge the void that is often left in Western studio-based teacher trainings.  I am honored to have her as a mentor on my yoga journey.  As a result of her mentorship, she has helped me find ease in my practice.  The level of my practice is no longer a thing to perform or to prove, but a joy to explore and witness.  Removing the critical lens from my own personal practice, has changed my teaching immensely.  I was previously taught to observe students to know when to adjust their bodies.  I now am present with my students and offer insights and recommendations for their own exploration. Of course, it is important to ensure that a student is safe.  Yet, safety can be established and built through less invasive means and verbal guidance.  From trainings on yoga philosophy and mindfulness, trauma-informed/healing-centered yoga, to the many variation of yin yoga, I have learned so much.  There is a lot of noise out there in the Western yoga space.  As others have said, "Linda is the real deal."  I am grateful for Linda.  She is a treasure! -- Mitzi W., Indianapolis, IN, 2019

“Yoga Master”

“I seriously have the greatest yoga chick! Linda was never really interested in doing prenatal yoga so when I became pregnant I thought I was out of luck, but she has actually been so amazing and even excited for me. She has gone out of her way to go through all her notes from different yoga trainings over the years and other resources to make sure my practice is SAFE. Linda so knowledgeable and intuitive that the practices have made me feel great, too. Private yoga with Linda is worth every penny! She is a real deal Yoga Master and if you're dealing with any issue from pain to depression to anxiety or just wanting better overall mental and physical health, Linda is the woman to talk to. It’s just really nice to have someone like her on your side. Thank you so much for existing in my life!" — Sheila N., Maple Park, IL, 2019

About my Reflexology & Energy Work... 

"I could not have made it through my ordeal last year without you.  Your mojo is what balanced out all the scary medical stuff.  I knew I could get through but relaxing as you did your thing was one of the only times my mind was clear enough to truly embody that message." -- Cancer Survivor, Geneva, IL, 2017

"The Real Deal"

"I am one very fortunate person to have found Linda Karl as my yoga teacher. Her yoga instruction is one based on ancient teachings and her many years of study both in the US and in India. Her style is not the typical yoga fitness type but rather one of mindfulness and breathe work. She is the “real deal” as others have commented on her style.

Over the past 7+ years Linda has exposed me to people, places and teachings that I would never have sought out on my own. I have attended yoga retreats, singing bowl sessions, gong baths, reflexology, and energy work. All of these experiences have greatly benefited my growth both physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have grown from these experiences and wake each day happier, calmer, and prepared to meet the challenges whatever they might be by living in the present moment. I am living one moment at a time and trying to fully enjoy each moment.

Linda has traveled extensively in India and I was fortunate to experience a 15 day retreat to India that she arranged. It was an amazing tour of Tamil Nadu, visiting ancient temples, seeing the Gandhi Museum in Madurai, visiting bronze and weaving craftsman shops, and the beautiful seashore. I could go on and on about this trip, the people – the food – the sights – the history, but will stop hoping that you also may have such an opportunity. It is hard for me to put this experience into words but if I had to sum it up in 2 words they would be: beautiful and amazing. I am looking forward to participating in future retreats/trips with Linda.

Now as I am closing one chapter of my life and starting a new one I will be taking with me all that she has taught me. And for that I am so very, very grateful." -- Marilyn R., Elgin, IL, 2016

"A Powerful Experience"

"Linda lives yoga in all aspects of her life which translates into a powerful experience on the mat whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga student.  Linda is constantly building on her extensive knowledge by seeking out continuing education with yoga masters in this country and India. All of this makes her a healing force, ready to meet people wherever they are on their path and guide them to their highest good.

I find her classes varied and rich. They are never the same (which I thrive on) and she is able to tailor a class to the specific needs of the bodies in the space that day,  I love how she is able to do deep, healing work with what seems like not much effort.  After a class with Linda, you know something has shifted at a deeper level." -- Sarah T., Geneva, IL, 2015

Thoughts on YOGA IN THE GARDEN, August 2014:

"Truly a great experience!  I could do this every day." -- Rachel M., Batavia, IL

"Your classes are always amazing!  Tonight topped them all.  The evening was quite an adventure." -- Lynn B., Elgin, IL

"The best yoga class in a beautiful garden.  Thank you for the lessons learned and the serenity." -- Kathy H., North Aurora, IL

"What an amazing class!  I have never experienced the level of calm and peacefulness as I did yesterday evening.  Linda's garden is a peaceful sanctuary, perfect for our class." -- Marilyn R., Elgin, IL

"Art and Soul"

“When I think about studying yoga with you these words come to mind: ‘Art and Soul…’ You instruct, inspire, lead, gather people together, share what you have studied, what you have practiced. There is art in your teaching. Art is always difficult to describe or explain, but you know it when you find it. Your teaching rises out of your center. That is clear. That sort of teaching has light and warmth. — Marilyn M., Sycamore, IL 


“I was lucky enough to participate in Linda’s weekend retreat which was the perfect mix of activity and stillness. In addition to Linda’s teaching there were several highlights for me in this retreat. The first was the time of silence. I have enjoyed weekend retreats with silence before but this one was made more powerful by the yoga we practiced before the silent time. I enjoyed walking the outdoor labyrinth on the beautiful grounds and was able to go very deep into the contemplative reading that I brought. This time opened many questions and challenges for me. Another highlight was the evening healing session of Yin Yoga and crystal bowls. Beautiful and moving, this was another invitation to go even deeper inward.  Saturday evening’s talk and Sunday morning’s meditation with Bhante Sujatha and Linda’s closing class helped bring it all together.” — Theresa O’Neill, LaPorte, IN, 2014


“Thank you for teaching me how to easily modify yoga for my unique body. Who knew that a few simple blankets could make it so much easier for me to get comfortable and bring balance into my body. Your creativity, compassion, and guidance will help me to not think of my body as incapable of doing yoga. If anyone is looking for help with doing yoga I urge you to run, walk, hobble, or crawl to Linda. She is truly amazing.” — Rachel Monaco, Batavia, IL, 2013

“After years of off and on physical therapy which confirmed my belief that my back problems were beyond help, I met with Linda for one session. She explained what I had been doing incorrectly, why it created problems, and then showed me how to perform the postures so that they would strengthen rather than create inflammation in my back. Does it get any better than that?” – Robyn Norman, Glen Ellyn, IL, 2013


“Thank you for today. I am feeling an overwhelming sense of calm and peace; it’s like my mind is finally quiet. When you have psychological problems all your life you are on a constant search for anything to make the shit stop, and today it feels like its stopped for the first time in 30 years. Not because I found a distraction but because I finally accepted all of it.  It is really wonderful.” — private student, 2013


“It was wonderfully informal in nature which made it intimate and “organic” as Linda likes to say, and that I personally like to experience. I learned things that can be used immediately in any class setting, which is the golden ring when taking workshops. I look forward to her next therapeutic workshop.” –Jill Browne, DeKalb, IL, 2013


"I have attended a number of Linda’ s Yoga workshops and I must say that each one has been an excellent experience.  From her teachings of Yin Yoga, Yoga for Back Health, and Yoga for Parkinson’s Disease and MS, I have been able to apply what she teaches to enhance my own practice.  Her workshops are “organically presented ” in a way that one feels comfortable attending and learning what she has to offer. Linda studies in India from the masters and continues her Yoga study in India year after year, bringing home and sharing what she has learned.  As she says, Yoga is a never ending learning process. I highly recommend her workshops for teachers who want to keep learning!” —Kathy Freedlund, Batavia, IL, 2013


“… how my body responded to Linda’s flow class:  energized, calm, joy-filled. What I find intriguing is the combination of Yin and flow…the atmosphere of this class is playful. Time stopped. I was in complete harmony with my body without the usual mental chatter. Compassionate guidance also supported me when I was in a pose…that’s typically difficult for me and Linda gave me choices, different variations, without adjusting, letting my body decide what’s best. Linda’s classes must be experienced by committed yoga students who can see and feel the connection and the difference with her playful style and her commitment to excellence to her Dharma.” — Yolanda Lozano, Geneva, IL, 2013

Feedback on YOGA STUDY & RETREAT TRIP TO INDIA, March 2013:

“If Lady Luck or good fortune or the grace of god showers you with her serene and beguiling smile a time or two, you may pause in appreciation and recognition that being alive can be, well, pretty darn good. And when that invisible hand so softly and gently guides you to a place beyond which you have only allowed yourself to imagine, you may pinch yourself again and again to be sure you’re not dreaming.

It wasn’t a dream. It was, in fact, two plus weeks of the most in-your-face, raw, sensual, noisy, chaotic, exhilarating, life affirming, life changing, drama-producing, tranquility-inducing living that you might ever ask for. Oh, and loving and lovely, too. It was my first visit to India. All put together by Linda Karl, our guide, interpreter, arranger, teacher and very passionate Indiaphile.

What started with very pedestrian concerns about jet lag and more heartfelt concerns about being half a world away from my family, was immediately seized by Mother India and transformed into an experience that was so far beyond my expectations that I’ll spend the rest of my life sorting it out.

Yes, this was a yoga study trip that included a week with some of the most accomplished teachers you could hope for at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandarim in Chennai. We practiced asana and pranayama, learned about Patanjali’s Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita, meditated and, for some of us, used our pitch-challenged voices to bring sound to Vedic chanting. Every day was full and complete and that doesn’t include the walk to KYM on streets filled with noises, smells, sights and sounds that invaded every sensory pore, every moment, unfiltered. It was double Red Bull India.

The second week at Varkala Beach was India light – every bit as real but allowing you to catch your breath. A tropical forest of coconut palms, banana and jack fruit trees and other forms of greenery not found in more familiar climes were set high on a cliff overlooking the Arabian Sea with small shops selling everything Indian and restaurants with the freshest catches of the day and cold Kingfishers to wash it all down. Here each day started with two hours of Linda’s interpretation of Freedom style yoga. The remainder of most days was unplanned and thus afforded time to ease into conversations with the other seven members of our group. For me, this is when the rose came into full bloom. The combination of intense yoga study and practice in a country that gave no quarter to a first time Westerner left me exposed. And into this opening walked seven people who shared some of their most intimate joys and hurts. That’s when I knew this was and will forever be an experience of a lifetime.

Since returning home I have savored innumerable moments and tossed and turned many thoughts. For anyone so inclined, ever how slightly, to consider making his or her own visit to India, allow Linda be your guide. Timshel.” – John Record, Springfield, IL 


“Your energy comes across as solid and very healing. It is your voice that cuts through the bullshit and is a necessary voice in the world. You have helped so many people just by your presence. I am honored to know you.  May this year be the one where you are recognized for all that you contribute.” — Patricia B., Asheville, NC, 2013

“I am so thankful that a power greater than myself brought me to yoga and you as my teacher.” — Marilyn R., Elgin, IL, 2012

Feedback on YOGA FOR BACK CARE workshop:

“So enjoyed your informative and educational workshop today at Creative Therapeutics.  It was every bit as rewarding as I had hoped for. While I thought it would probably be more asana based, I, personally, being a yoga teacher, was quite pleased to learn that it was more demonstration/practice/philosophy oriented, which made the lessons more accessible for student and teacher alike. We heard, watched, did, and responded to the experiences. … I LOVED the discourse among the students and the casual atmosphere. It was awesome!”  — Jill Browne, DeKalb, IL, 2012


“Linda is a real dyed-in-the-wool yogi who is known for her deeply integrated view of the totality of yoga, including meditation and pranayama rather than just focus on asana. I met Linda when she was teaching continuing education yoga at Elgin Community College and was quickly blown away by her knowledge and the way her class sat in my body.” — Kate Darling, Elgin, IL, 2012


“When I first started yoga 5 years ago, Linda was kind, patient, and never judgmental. I was so new and my body so stiff. Linda taught me how to be kind and patient with myself and I fell in love with yoga. My body feels better than it ever has and I can never thank Linda enough.” — Lynn Bero,  Elgin, IL, 2012


“It’s a privilege to receive instruction from someone with your obvious passion and depth of knowledge. That’s why I’m glad I found you. You are authentic. You teach in a way that does not make the experience feel commercialized. Your Yoga feels right to me.”  –  Eldon Sprague, Sycamore, IL, 2012

"Real deal"

“I have been taking yoga classes as well as teaching yoga for a number of years. With over 25 years experience in the health industry myself, I can say that Linda is the “real deal” when it comes to yoga. She doesn’t talk about when she studied, as if she is done studying. Instead shetalks about her ongoing journey of learning. I don’t know of anyone in the Fox River Valley area who has put more time, energy and love into her quest of the study of yoga. Linda has studied and continues to study in India, making her annual pilgrimage each year. I have come to respect Linda very much as someone who not only loves yoga for herself but is willing to share with all who want to learn. I wholeheartedly recommend Linda’s workshops and retreats, one will not be disappointed. I feel fortunate to study and mentor under Linda andlearn what she has to share!” – Kathy Freedlund, Batavia, IL, 2012


“As expected, Linda met everyone’s need in some way or another. Linda’s eclectic style reaches into everyone’s level of experience and says “let go and do our best.” That, in fact, is one of her mantras! –” I will do my best andlet the rest go.” That is repeated continually throughout class, reminding you to stay within your bounds of pain free motion, It was enlightening on several levels. Linda, as always, is entertaining, humorous, and knowledgeable in all areas fromasana to mudra to mantra to meditation. Experience her.” —DeKalb, Illinois workshop participant, April 2012

“I have been taking yoga classes from Linda for years and I can honestly say that every class is different and exciting as she brings her abundance of knowledge from countless hours of teacher trainings and several trips to India to each and every class she teaches. Linda’s yoga classes are the REAL essence of yoga and I feel blessed to be her student.” — Jen Hunger,  North Aurora, IL, 2012


“Linda has been an inspiration to me over my years as her student. She was a major contributing factor in my decision to become a teacher myself(at age 61!) and I carry with me many of her musings, ideologies, and techniques into the studio. Linda is so knowledgeable on so many levels, and passes on information in a real, authentic, and accessible manner. I feel much gratitude toward this unique woman.” — Jill Browne, Genoa, Illinois, 2011

"True teacher"

“Linda brings the gift of a true teacher to her classes. She uses language that helps students grow and understand the many facets of a yoga practice. She watches class members attentively and offers specific suggestions as appropriate. Having been in classes with Linda over the past three years it is clear that she keeps expanding her own learning and thus brings freshness and depth to her teaching. I look forward to every opportunity to be in class with Linda.” — John Record, Springfield, Illinois, 2011

"Spiritual warrior."

“Linda has guided and taught hundreds of people to be alive in their bodies through the study of yoga. As a result of this commitment to teaching, she has acquired a thirst for a deep and authentic spiritual life. She has traveled to India five times. This is a true testimony to the fearless nature she has as a spiritual warrior, committed to her goal of service to trauma survivors. Her life vocation to be of service to the weak and disenfranchised comes through her as a deep river of passion.” — Renny Sherrow C.M.T., M.A., 2011

"Real teacher"

“Over the past years you have taught me so much. It has given me the confidence to be true to myself in a world that almost demands the opposite. You are a real teacher — you don’t teach a particular path but rather foster the notion that each student’s creation of their own path founded in metta is the “right” spiritual path for them. Your teachings never give me the feeling of having all of my questions answered but rather reveals how many questions I have left to ask — it keeps me from stagnating, it keeps me living.” — Mariah Shaw, Geneva, IL, 2011


“We have invited Linda to teach her Yin-Yang workshop for the past two years. Each time she comes our students enthusiastically welcome her. She is a wonderful teacher! Her unique style allows each student to find deep spaciousness during the Yin practice and increased grace and openness while moving through the Yang practice. More than the asana practice, Linda shares her knowledge and expertise of Yoga philosophy and Buddhism through discussion, meditation, and chanting. By the end of the workshop, we feel enriched and energized. Our Yoga community is always grateful to have Linda join us!”  — Nancy Long, Namaste Yoga Center, Springfield, Illinois, 2011

“Thank you for being a voice that not only honors the tradition by making it available to others the way that it was meant to be taught….but you do it in a cool, modern way! These teachings may be ancient, but they are completely relevant to our times. You are proof that you don’t have to be old, dry, and boring to appreciate meditation, slow mindful movement, and mindfulness!” — Wesley Linch, California, 2011


“It humbles me that I can call such an inspirational yogini my friend. People around the Chicagoland area REALLY don’t know what they’re missing!” —Brian McCullough, Lombard, IL, 2011


“Linda is truly outstanding and inspirational as a yoga instructor. I have been privileged to be her student for more than seven years. Her classes have been innovative and have far surpassed my expectations. I would recommend her as an instructor for anyone who takes improvement of their life seriously as she is very dedicated to her purpose.” – Chris Roberg, Naperville, IL, 2010

“You are the best yoga teacher we could ever have. We love you teaching for us. I am hoping you teach for us for a long time.” — Donna Newberg, Course Developer, Elgin Community College, 2009

“You are a life saver. Without you I would be a stressed out 20 year old bitching about everything. Now I live my life and I’m writing my own story and I have never felt better. I tell everyone about you and how you guide people to find not only happiness but themselves. I thank you for opening my eyes to that.” — Waubonsee Community College student, 2009


“I am grateful for whatever I can learn from you. Grateful for whatever time you provide. You are like a pioneer in this area — being and doing something unique that most of us can’t get anywhere else. While not everyone is ready for you, those that are will garner great experiences and make important adjustments in their life because of you and your impact.  I in no way think I would have the clarity and general sense of well-being that I have right now if it weren’t for you. You make sense to me. I don’t think I would get the same result without you. And while I’m slowly making my way around my personally built ditches, I am learning when to build my bridges to cross them, when to fill them, and when to just walk around them. You put me on this path and I appreciate you.” — J.H., Wheaton, IL, private student, 2008


“I am a dedicated student of Linda’s because she is the real deal. She is a bodhisattva. For me, this is everything. And the fact that she teaches in the western suburbs of Chicago is a testimony to the fact that for her, yoga is not strapping on the latest trendy yoga gear and showing off a sick inversion to intimidate — her yoga comes from the authentic intention of teaching from the heart. If you have not taken a class from her you must.  Now.  Before she takes residence in some hillside or beach in India. For us in the Fox Valley, she is a comet.” — Noel Childs, St. Charles, IL, 2008


“Let your work and teachings stand alone. They are pure and thoughtful and honest. You have a gift and it radiates from the inside out. You are authentic, passionate, professional, and truly a teacher. You inspire people to move deeper into their bodies and sink into their minds at their own pace in a way that is comfortable for them and you teach with grace and humbleness. You have helped me with my path, that where my heart is driving me, it’s OK.” —Kate Carey, Warrenville, IL, 2007

“I have been increasingly drawn to teachers who truly teach authentic yoga, who embody the teachings, and have been taught by our modern day masters themselves. Linda is one of my favorite teachers because I can experience through her what she has learned from her own deep yoga and meditation practices…her direct relationships with some of the greatest yoga masters on the planet today, and her deep understanding of Buddhism. In today’s world, Linda’s ability to transmit the knowledge and energy of the authentic teachings of yoga help me deepen my own understanding and practice….I feel very blessed to have a teacher like Linda here in the western suburbs, as one often has to travel across the city, country, or globe to find teachers of this caliber.” — Marianne Cirone, St. Charles, IL, 2006


Metta Yoga, Linda Karl in Batavia, Illinois