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Offering Hatha Yoga And Mindfulness Meditation For The Fox River Valley: Aurora, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, and Elgin.

“Please get your Yoga practice from this wonderful person.  She knows what she is doing.  Linda has studied with the best teachers and can design a practice that is right for you…“your own yoga,” direct intimacy with Life in every way.” -- Mark Whitwell

Be it in group classes or private one-on-one sessions, Yoga addresses the entire mind-body complex in a holistic manner to benefit many areas in life: strength, flexibility, rehabilitation, and relief from pain and stress.  For centuries Yoga has also fulfilled the role of a spiritual practice as well as a means for self-empowerment and personal transformation.

“Yoga is based upon absolute respect for the individual, absolute devotion to the infinite potential within each of us.” -- T.K.V. Desikchar

Whatever your path, Linda Karl has the years of training, practice, and experience to guide practitioners in all aspects of of an authentic Yoga practice, bringing together body and mind, heart and soul.

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Featured in the 2014 book
"Conversations With Modern Yogis"


Metta Yoga, Linda Karl in Batavia, Illinois