Metta Yoga TShirts

Buy a Metta Yoga shirt and help save an animal. It's Compassion in Action.

A unique piece of T shirt art, each one individually silk screened by hand, no two exactly alike, and made in America, not China. Green represents EARTH — ECOLOGY — RENEWAL — NATURE — PRAKRITI.

$49.00 (includes shipping within the United States) and $20 will be donated from each shirt to WILDLIFE SOS, an organization in India that works tirelessly to save the "dancing bears" and elephants, among other animals.  They recently saved Raju, the Elephant That Cried, when he was rescued. 

Your donation from each shirt shows that you have group, rather than individual, mentality and that is wonderful for the world!

The 100% cotton jersey unisex shirts are pre-shrunk and I have 1 XL, 13 medium, 6 large -- sorry, no Smalls left. View the American Apparel size chart here.

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