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Weekend Retreat in Woodstock (November 1-2, 2014)

The weekend retreat scheduled again in Woodstock, Illinois for November 1-2, 2014 will NOT be a silent retreat, however, Right Speech, part of Buddha's Eight Fold Path, will be practiced: "Samma-Vaca — Perfected or whole Speech. Also called right speech. Clear, truthful, uplifting and non-harmful communication."...
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Travel to South India — Metta Yoga's Tamil Nadu Temple Yatra (2015)

I have begun discussions with the travel company I used for my trip to Rajasthan this year for a South India Spiritual Tour of Tamil Nadu but I first want to determine interest. This tour will only happen with a minimum of 10 committed travelers. Tentative time frame for this trip is September or October 2015 and will be for 15 days to fully immerse and not rush through these sacred cities. The trip will begin and end in Chennai. We will also engage in yoga and meditation practice whenever possible...
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